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Required Marketing Group Inc. Offers local and national radio advertising at great rates. Radio reaches a vast majority of any market, culture, economic class, and demographics. Let our experts help your listeners pay attention. Radio is the theater of the mind. We all do it. You, me, your boss, your customer, everyone. We all listen to the radio when we are in our cars and trucks. With radio, you have the opportunity to target a large base of listeners. If you have ever thought about advertising on radio but wasn’t sure if it would be the right move for you call us. Don’t do it alone we have all the experience. Required Marketing Group Inc. positions your radio commercials on some of the best-ranked stations in the country. Our established network of partners and affiliates means that you can get your message across nationwide. We will strategically target those listeners and position your ads for maximum result. Although new technologies now place more demands on consumers’ time, 85 percent of people still listen to the radio every week. Internet radio listening also is growing, with 22 percent of the world. Advertising on the radio does not have to be difficult or costly. Let Required Marketing Group Inc. helps you with all of your radio advertising needs.

  • National Radio
  • Satellite Radio
  • Local Radio

Don’t have a commercial? No need to worry. Required Marketing Group Inc. will produce a “Spot” that will generate results. “Free Production: Required Marketing Group Inc. will write and produce your radio spots at no charge.”

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