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An intriguing album cover is a brain behind the success of many artists today. It is safe to say that a good album design paves the way for potential listeners because of its captivating nature. A CD design is the artistic beautification done on a CD to both bring about acceptance, patronage and higher sales. Getting a CD design could be regarded as the face of the album and the representative of the owner. As you know, the first impression lasts longer, and that’s what secures you if you have a good DVD design from the start. What listeners see on your album at first glance decides the success of the album even before listening. You’ll realize that a beautiful way to call the attention of listeners to your music is getting hold of an eye-catching DVD design. Every singer needs to attract listeners to their music, hence, the need for a professional CD designer to create a sellable concept. Do you know even if your band produces good music, and you have no attractive CD album design, it might not sell? Do you remember getting a beautiful CD album design isn’t all you need? The most important thing is to get an attractive one that represents your band through it. Note that in CD designing, every element has a position to portray their respective values. This placement of elements goes a long way in determining how listeners give music albums deserving acceptance.

No band wants to use its efforts and later have a bad review from potential listeners. No group wants to work hard and will be happy seeing the effect of a weak album design as low sales. In as much as good music is necessary, an appealing CD album design is needed too. So do you have issues getting a distinct brand for your music?  Do you need a good album artwork that sells better? Do you have a bad CD design experience you wish to change? Do you need a visual summary of your songs with a lovely design to compliment it? Then, you do not have to go far anymore. What you need is right here at your fingertips.

With our well-seasoned CD designers, we will give you a good experience. We will provide you with a mix of your music style and the purpose the album portrays in a way that attracts listeners to your music. As part of our procedures to give you the best, we offer your album cool images and a color mix that sets your songs in motion. Giving you a unique CD design is what differentiates your CD from others in the music industry. Be informed that we are always more than happy to provide you with the best without reservations.

So are you still bothered getting your music a broader audience it needs? Do you need a striking artwork that presents you as the king before potential listeners? Do you have issues creating your CD design from scratch? Then, why bother where these are the things we could do for you with our expertise?

We await your requests. Come to us today with your needs, and we will make your listeners keep you in mind for a more extended period with the impression we give through our designs.

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CD or DVD Design Package

$ 45

  • 1 Unique CD or DVD and Cover Design Concept
  • Unique and Creative Design
  • 1 Redraw Option
  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • No Hidden Charges
  • You Can Provide us Your Logo or Images You Want to Add in Your Design
  • Available in All Standard Formats (.PSD, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .AI, .CDR, PDf, .TIF) [Web & Print]
  • Duration: 2 – 3 Business Days
  • Delivery: Email / Download
  • Satisfaction: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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