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EBooks are also called Electronic books, that is, books that get accessed with sophisticated devices. However, three essential pointers make up a good book or eBook, and they are content, design, and delivery. Each of these doesn’t work on its own but hand in hand to give a book a large readership base. EBook designs are illustrations, artworks and pictorial efforts put in place to make a book look enticing. EBook designs give readers the impression of what they should expect in the book as content. There are lots of books in the market which serves almost the same purpose, but as an author, you need to impress readers before they start reading. How best to do this is through a beautiful cover page, back cover page, and in designs. So getting readers for your books who later buys it is a signal that the design caught their attention as such. EBook designs start from the cover and title which must be beautiful and expressive. The essence of a good design is to convey messages of the story to the readers easily. A good design, especially for first-time authors, might be the brain behind the consistent purchase of their books. Now imagine the career of an unknown author creating a wrong impression at first, thus why you need a better designer. A designer who understands how colors are used to convey the right message to potential readers as due.

Whenever readers surf the net for eBooks, what they see first as a means of attraction is the cover design. A good eBook design has an intriguing image that compels readers to have a look at the brilliant use of color with fonts that are easier to read. With us, you do not have to strain your eyes to read the fonts on the cover page of what our designers create. Therefore, your book also needs a professional touch to scale through this stream of competition.  Remember each genre and theme has an emotional connection with the story which must reflect on the cover page. Readers must be able to identify the type of book they are holding through the design on it. So these are just the tips of an iceberg compared to what our designers have in stock for you to distinguish you from the crowd.

Do you know in this modern age, a book cover determines the decision of a reader to buy or not? Do you know a good design creates a standard for your work? Do you know a good design tells your readers how credible and passionate you are in your career? Do you know your first book design determines your readers’ confidence in your subsequent works? These and many more issues are what we take care for you for guaranteed satisfaction. Our designers know that the back cover too is as important as the front cover design, so they are ready to give you a fantastic design thoughtfully.

Professionally saying, a book design doesn’t end with cover pages. It extends to the correct formatting of the pages, table of content, and index to suit the latest publishing trend. Talk to us today, and your needs will be as good as done.

  • Our designers make great looking, attractive and realistic cover for your book
  • Our company gives suitable design in low prices for customers
  • Our designing team gives you an appropriate illustration and design for your Book
  • Book cover designed in such a way that it becomes your identity more reliable and prestigious
  • We do not use any “eBook cover generator” our company designer create it from their creative mind
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • We take minimum time to complete the order without compromising on quality

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Books & E-Book Design Package

$ 155

  • Cool & Professional Design of Your Book or e-Book Cover
  • 1 Redraw Option
  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • Custom Design According to Your Requirements
  • Professional in-house Designers
  • Flat Rate with No Hidden Charges
  • You Can Provide us Your Logo or Images You Want to Add in Your Design
  • Available in All Standard Formats (.PSD, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .AI, .CDR, PDf, .TIF) [Web & Print]
  • Delivery: Email / Download
  • Satisfaction: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Duration: 2 – 3 Business Days
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